Art & Architecture

In a special walking tour an enthusiastic MuseumGuide will take you on an adventure of Rotterdam’s inner city.

Rotterdam Art & Architecture guided tours

During this journey, the guide will tell you all about the unique relationship between the post-war urban design and the prominent role of art and culture within it. You’ll get to see some striking examples of art and architecture from after the infamous blitz. From Central Post with its Cathedral of Light by Louis de Roode, from the Market Hall with Cornucopia by Team Coenen. Discover 75 years of the history of Rotterdam by getting to know its buildings and artworks.

The Art & Architecture tour is the perfect way to get to know the inner city, but the tour is also a very good option for those who are already familiar with Rotterdam. By shifting the focus from the big eyecathcers alone, towards the details that are usually easy to overlook, you’ll get to see the city from a whole different perspective!

Art & Architecture Tour

Join on of our guides through the city center of Rotterdam and discover the beautiful collection of modern architecture and public art.

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The Witte de With Quarters

Immerse yourself in the special world of contemporary art. Together with a guide you'll get to know the Witte de With Quarters from the inside out.

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The Church of Saint Laurence

Discover the history of Rotterdam’s only late gothic structure from medieval times that is still standing.

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Justus van Effen Quarters

Social housing was rarely as stylish as in this residential block from 1922. Learn everything about its innovative architectural style, renovation and Rotterdam's contemporary art scene.

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The Industriegebouw

If there is one building that reflects the progressive style of the rebuilding period of Rotterdam, it would definitely be this unique business complex from 1952.

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Next to the museums in the Museumpark, you'll find six white villas. Famous examples are the Chabot Museum (1938) and the Sonneveld House (1933), two stunning pearls of modernism.

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