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During a tour of the Museumparkvillas, an enthousiastic MuseumGuide will tell you all about the over-time development of the area, the architecture and design of the villa park and the interior of the houses.

Rotterdam Villapark guided tours

In the heart of the city, on the edge of what once were the green plains of the Land van Hoboken, you’ll nowadays find a small villa park built in modernist style. From the thirties to the mid-sixties, these six villas were seen as jazzy newcomers in the quiet and pastoral area, but now they themselves form an oasis of calm in the bustling city around them.

What makes this villa park still stand out from its surroundings even nowadays, is that it was completely erected in the International Style. This architectural style is known for its optimal use of light, air and space and for the fact that for the first time materials such as concrete and steel were applied in these types of construction. Famous examples are the Chabot Museum (1938) and the Sonneveld House (1933), two stunning pearls of modernism.

This particular style was popular in both pre- and postwar Rotterdam, as can be seen from the residential area the Kiefhoek, the vast and impressive Van Nelle Factory and the stadium of local football club Feyenoord, De Kuip.

Sonneveld House

Step inside the former residence of one of the three directors of Van Nelle, that is built in the same style as the factory.

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Cube Houses

A guide from MuseumGuides will gladly take you on a journey through the 'Forest of Blaak' and tell you everything about Rotterdam's most famous architectural icon.

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The Kiefhoek

This residential area from 1927 is the undisputed highlight of modernism in Rotterdam's social housing.

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