Visiting Rotterdam as a professional or exploring the city on a field trip? Or are you looking for an interesting excursion during your stay? UrbanGuides will help you!

Guided Tours in Rotterdam

An excursion with UrbanGuides makes you experience the city from a whole new perspective. The guides show you the past, the present and the future of Rotterdam from their specific disciplines and personal fascinations. Their focus lies on architecture, city development, sustainability and innovation. Starting from the bigger picture, our guides will take you on a journey towards the fascinating details about what’s going on behind all these facades. They’ll show you why Rotterdam has always been a City of the Future!

Apart from our tour suggestions on the website, we can also create you a tailor-made program. Please ask us for more information on study trips, inspirational tours and full day schedules. It is also possible to hire our guides to get from point A to point B in a more interesting manner.

Bicycle Tour Rotterdam — City of the Future

Curious to discover the latest innovating projects for yourself? In this bicycle tour you'll explore them all together with one of our guides.

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Bicycle Tour Rotterdam — City of Modern Architecture

This cycling tour will give you a good overview of the city center, but will also show you beyond the highlights.

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Excursie M4H

The M4H-area forms, together with the RDM-campus on the other side of the river, the so called Rotterdam Makers District, where young entrepreneurs are able to flourish.

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Excursion RDM

A spectacular example of redevelopment is to be found at Heijplaat. An one-hundred-year-old shipyard, owned by the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company, is transformed into the dynamic Makers District.

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Excursion: Luchtsingel

This wooden pedestrian bridge brought new life into an area that was neglected and dominated by vacancy. Together with a guide you’ll discover how this area is still changing.

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Guided Tour: Central Station

A professional guide will show you the particularities of the renewed terminal and tells you everything about the grand transformation of the Central District around the station.

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Guided Tour: The Industriegebouw

If there is one building that reflects the progressive style of the rebuilding period of Rotterdam, it would definitely be this unique business complex from 1952.

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Walking Tour — Wilhelmina pier and Katendrecht

Walk along the Wilhelmina pier and Katendrecht, crossing spectacular residential towers, monumental warehouses and industrial silo’s. The best experience of port city architecture!

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Walking Tour — The Inner City

Explore the inner city in a two hour walking tour and discover how the medieval town developed itself into a pleasant and sumptuous city center.

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The Kiefhoek

This residential area from 1927 is the undisputed highlight of modernism in Rotterdam's social housing. Pay a visit to the museum house and learn everything about the urban design.

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Eco District Leonidas

With its wide diversity in styles and sustainable building solutions on a relatively small surface, Leonisdas is a true showcase of contemporary innovative architecture.

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Cruise along the inner-city harbors

Spectacular architecture and the tradition of trade over water. UrbanGuides and the Tenders combine the best of Rotterdam in a cruise along the inner-city harbors.

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Guided Tour — Van Nelle Factory

Along the bank of the Delfshavense Schie lies a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site. This building is considered to be the symbol of Dutch modernism.

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Justus van Effen Quarters

Social housing was rarely as stylish as in this residential block from 1922. Learn everything about its innovative architectural style, renovation and Rotterdam's contemporary art scene.

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