About UrbanGuides

Welcome to UrbanGuides! For over 17 years we’ve proved to be the architectural excursion agency in Rotterdam.

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Join our experienced and enthusiastic guides for a tour around town. They will tell you everything there is to know about the historical industrial heritage, show you the progressive contemporary architecture and let you enjoy this metropole along the Meuse to the fullest.

An excursion with UrbanGuides makes you experience the city from a whole new perspective. The guides show you the past, the present and the future of Rotterdam from their specific disciplines and personal fascinations. Their focus lies on architecture, city development, sustainability and innovation. Starting from the bigger picture, our guides will take you on a journey towards the fascinating details about what’s going on behind all these facades. They’ll show you why Rotterdam has always been a City of the Future!

Visiting Rotterdam as a professional or exploring the city on a field trip? Or are you looking for an interesting excursion during your stay? UrbanGuides will help you on your way. Either by foot, by bike or by boat: we can make it all happen!

Apart from our tour suggestions on the website, we can also create you a tailor-made program. Please ask us for more information on study trips, inspirational tours and full day schedules. It is also possible to hire our guides to get from point A to point B in a more interesting manner.