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Do you feel like exploring Rotterdam for yourself? UrbanGuides knows how to create the perfect day in town.

Guided tours in Rotterdam

Our enthusiastic guides will show you the versatility of the city from their own personal interests and fascinations. They will take you on a tour of the most striking architecture, the coolest artworks and the upcoming neighborhoods that are not to be missed.  They will show you how the city developed over time to eventually become the metropole along the Meuse that it is today.

Become amazed about the cultural atmosphere during an urban bicycle tour or take a surprising walk together with an architecture guide. Together with UrbanGuides you can create a full day program to get to know Rotterdam inside out. The inspirational stories will let you and your friends, family or colleagues experience the city from a whole new point of view.

Bicycle Tour Rotterdam — City of Modern Architecture

This cycling tour will give you a good overview of the city center, but will also show you beyond the highlights.

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Guided Tour — Van Nelle Factory

Along the bank of the Delfshavense Schie lies a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site. This building is considered to be the symbol of Dutch modernism.

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Walking Tour: Wilhelmina pier and Katendrecht

Walk along the Wilhelmina pier and Katendrecht, crossing spectacular residential towers, monumental warehouses and industrial silo’s. The best experience of port city architecture!

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Guided tour: The Industriegebouw

If there is one building that reflects the progressive style of the rebuilding period of Rotterdam, it would definitely be this unique business complex from 1952.

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Spectacular architecture and the tradition of trade over water. UrbanGuides and the Tenders combine the best of Rotterdam in a cruise along the inner-city harbors.

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On top of the Saint Laurence Tower

After more than 300 steps of climbing, you’ll get to enjoy a panoramic view over the city.

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Day Excursion: In the Spirit of Dudok

If you’re interested in architecture, but also a bon vivant to the bone, this is the perfect program for you.

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Walking tour of the Market Hall Quarter

In 90 minutes, you’ll get a glimpse of 500 years of building history. From the medieval church of Saint Laurence to the contemporary Market Hall.

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